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I started this project to create a game where the community is able to participate in developing the rules. My fundamental idea is that every Person who enjoys playing this game is able to make suggestions about the game! I will start surveys in which you can propose your version of the upcoming cards!


I hope you have fun 



What is AnD TGoK?

In AnD TGoK you play as a king in the fantasy world Akloss.


After hundreds of years of peace between all races, discontent is spreading among the peoples. The current king shuld be replaced by a new one.


Defend yourself or overthrow the current king!


You have 10 different buildings available. From these, you choose 4 of these to fight for you, each with its own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. These buildings are represented by 13 thematic playing cards each.


You win by destroying 3 of the 4 enemy buildings.


Every destroyed building has a negative effect on the game.


Play your units and tricks wisely, as the opponent also tries to destroy your buildings.


Choose from over 200 possible building combinations the right one to win.


May the better king win.

News about AnD TGoK

April 17, 2019

Play AnD TGoK online

You and a friend can play for free AnD TGoK on Tabletopia!!!

December 04, 2018


The crowdfunding has started. Follow the link to learn more about it. I appreciate every support I get.

I made a translation on this side for all the english speacking out there. The crowdfunding will be on the page Funders.ch it is the swiss equvalent of Kickstarter.

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